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Blitz Labs is a cross-border blockchain advisory firm, focusing on the growth of diverse blockchain companies. Focusing on the importance of actual ‘execution’, Blitz Labs engages with the teams from start to end, assess the current status, formulate the optimal strategy, and carry out the best performance. Blitz Labs carries out various activities in the domestic blockchain market to raise the awareness of domestic users concerning the cryptocurrency industry.


Blitz Labs participates in numerous domestic conferences & seminars to share insights with industry leaders and communicate with the general public regarding the various aspects of blockchain technology
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Blitz Labs makes appearances in various channels as panels to discuss issues related to cryptocurrencies. Whether it be macroperspectives or microanalysis to provide insights on diverse industry-related social issues, Blitz Labs is a provides easy understanding to the general audience to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic blockchain industry.

DeFi research with COINONE

2020~2021년 was the year of DeFi. Blitz Labs provided everything one needs to know with a series of comprehensive reports about DeFi, accessible for anyone to see.
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Blitz Labs provides food for thought by incorporating its insight to its various publications in popular domestic blockchain news sources.
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Various domestic media sources have already looked for our insights as guidance on the general crypto industry.

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